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10 Reasons Guys Don’t Date Western that is taiwanese Women

10 Reasons Guys Don’t Date Western that is taiwanese Women

Since staying in Taiwan I’ve noticed not many Taiwanese dudes with western girlfriends or spouses. But there is however no shortage of western dudes with Taiwanese girlfriends or spouses. Why the disparity?

I’ve been interested in this and possess probed my friends that are taiwanese time one. Not long ago I chose to go on it one step further and pose issue to Taiwanese guys in just one of the country’s largest online discussion boards.

The inventors’ reactions had been interesting, and undoubtedly just express a sample of this attitudes about dating women that are western. The next is a directory of whatever they reported:

  • Age- numerous guys report that western females look much older than their real age and so are therefore not so appealing as mates. One man said, “A sixteen 12 months old woman appears 26. At 26 she shall look 36! ” Furthermore, they state western ladies don’t age well.
  • Skin- many dudes state that western ladies have actually bad epidermis. Tanning, freckles, scars and blemishes are typical considered ugly and rank high one of several reasons they don’t date women that are western. “I knew lots of foreign currency pupils and additionally they all had terrible skin, ” one guy remarked. Continue reading